Exchange and refund

The "Return Guarantee" service is your "insurance" in case of sudden change of plans, illness or any other reason why you can not use tickets.

Payment for this service guarantees the return of the nominal value of all tickets in the order according to your request. The return guarantee does not cover cases of cancellation and transfer of an event. You can add it to the event order, where it is available. The cost of the service is 5-15% of the face value of tickets (depends on the event).

To complete the refund, please fill out the form below:

Возврат / Обмен

Запрос на возврат нужно оформить не позднее, чем предусмотрено в условиях гарантии. Их можно увидеть в письме, которое приходит на почту после оплаты заказа.