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Our contacts

We’ll be glad to help you on Mon–Fri from 9:00am till 9:00pm and Sat-Sun from 10:00 till 19:00

  • +38 (044) 222 00 22
  • +38 (063) 655 99 33
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  • +38 (096) 655 99 33
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Ways to pay for tickets

We offer 4 ways to pay for tickets. Each of them is secure, the system uses secure protocols.

1. VISA/MasterCard. The most common way in the world is to pay for goods via the Internet. Trusted, secure payment systems are connected to the site С We accept VISA / MasterCard issued by any bank in the world. Payments on cards in euros, dollars or rubles are converted into hryvnia at the current rate of the NBU and credited to the account in UAH.


2. Courier, cash. The old way: book tickets with courier delivery to home or work and pay on receipt.

3. Pay-off at the box-office You can book a ticket on the web-site and pay-off at the box office, or without reservation.

4. Self service terminals: PrivatBank, iBox, EasyPay, Qiwi, City-Pay. After making of the order you will receive the payment code. Find logo in any of thousands of terminals of these networks, find our service, insert the payment - an you will get tickets on your e-mail. Very comfy for those, who doesn't use VISA/MasterCard.

Full list of PrivatBank terminals is here


In the main menu of the payment terminal, select the item "Оплата інших послуг/Payment for the other services"
After you have got inside this menu, select the item "Знайти підприємство за назвою або за реквізитами/Find company by name or by requisites"
In the menu that appears, select the "ОКПО" field by clicking on the virtual keyboard icon and enter the EDRPOU code - 33545147
 Full list of IBox terminals is here

  Full list of EasyPay terminals is here





Full list of Qiwi terminals is here


City24 and Bank24

Full list of EasyPay terminals is City24 and Bank24 here