Mamahohotala Shaw

Humor Concerts
10 December 2017, Sun. 19:00
FREEDOM Event Hall Kyiv, Kyrylovska 134
3.46 - 27.68 EUR
3.46 - 27.68 EUR


About event

The first snowless snow soon turns into a real white veil, the smells of tangerines and fir trees are becoming more apparent, and the lights on the streets are getting brighter. This means that the New Year is already on its way. And if the emerging attributes of the holiday have not yet brought the appropriate mood, then it's definitely time for you! What for? Yes, because you will meet the New Year, so you will spend it. And who wants to spend it in despair? It is better to recharge the positive in a cheerful and warm company of the studio "Mamahohotala"!

So, all your favorite actors will gather on the stage of the Freedom concert hall on December 10th. And they will joke about the topic, whatever one may say, actual: about preparing for the most anticipated holiday of the year, pre-holiday fuss, New Year's curiosities, relationships, etc. By the established tradition, we'll call for all the stars of the UFO TV channel on the evening.

You will find many interesting surprises. Therefore, we simply forbid you to miss this event! Let's light New Year's lights together on the brightest humorous Christmas tree in Ukraine!

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