Concerts Pop
1 January 2018, Mon. 19:00
CARIBBEAN club Kyiv, Petlyury st. 4
15.57 - 86.51 EUR
15.57 - 86.51 EUR
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About event

Why should I attend the Liapis 98 concert?

1. Remember that ALL girls would like when apples blossom.

2. To cavort a common sense of nostalgia.

3. Break into the new year with your favorite songs.

On January 1, we have a unique opportunity to exchange a flurry of energy, positive emotions and break the dance floor. Sing the hits of the legendary "Lyapis Trubetskoi" so that the walls of the capital "Caribbean Club" rocked?

Each concert of Sergei Mikhalka and his team is a landmark. The director of the artist Anton Azizbekyan calls such performances landmark. But in fact it is!

We need a positive energy charge to survive until the spring. Better beginning of the year than in the company with your favorite hits "Au", "Snowstorm", "In the White Dress", "Aby Cho", "The Boy Under the Investigation", "I Was in Kerch" and others, you can not think of.

The Lyapis 98 Orchestra gives its fans a new opportunity to meet in the New Year atmosphere within the walls of the "Caribbean Club". On 1 January, with the "Snowstorm" program, the "Lyapis 98" orchestra will celebrate the onset of the shock concert season.